Natalia Serna Presents Corazόn Norte

Wednesday, September 26, 2018
4:30 PM (ET)
Rehm Library
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Lecture - Speaker
Michelle Sterk Barrett

Corazόn Norte is a record made up of songs and interviews that seek to incarnate, through art, the stories of migrants. The record was born at the Kino Border Initiative Soup Kitchen on the Mexican American border as an effort to gift each traveler a song in honor of their journey. Experiences, feelings, and dreams make up the raw material of this record. Each story is unique, yet they all have in common a shared border and a shared dream of heading north. Corazόn Norte hopes to offer the audience a richer understanding of migration by exploring the individual stories that embody its complexity, its horrors, and the depth of its humanity. Its ultimate goal is to light a passion for the dignity of each person regardless of which side on any line he or she stands.

Natalia Serna, also known as La Muna, is a Colombian-American musician and sociologist that moved to the border city of Nogales, Sonora as a volunteer at the Kino Border Initiative Soup Kitchen.

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