Lecture: Fenggang Yang on Christian Growth in China and Global Implications

Monday, October 15, 2018
4:30 PM - 6:00 PM (ET)
Carol and Park B. Smith Hall Rehm Lib
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Lecture - Speaker
Danielle Kane
McFarland Ctr. for Religion, Ethics and Culture

Is China the New Roman Empire? In spite of religious suppression, Christianity has been growing rapidly in China, so much so that China may become the country with the largest Christian population by the year 2030. How is this possible? America's foremost expert on Christianity in China, Fenggang Yang, professor of sociology and director of the Center on Religion and Chinese Society at Purdue University, talks about the social and cultural factors for the Christian growth, why Protestantism grows faster than Catholicism, and the changing church-state relationship. He is author of “Atlas of Religion in China” (Brill, 2018).
This lecture is part of the McFarland Center's initiative on Catholics & Cultures.

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Categories: Asian Studies,McFarland Center for Religion, Ethics and Culture

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